730 Romantic Relationships
730 Romantic Relationships
The 730 Show: Culture Club Movie Topic - Joker [audio]

The 730 Show: Culture Club Movie Topic - Joker [audio]

The start of any little person’s life will always impact their future self…abuse of any kind has to be fought not to bring into the next gen and the next ones after

Hi Guys

This is the start of a series of audio episodes which are from my LIVE shows where guests can join live in the conversation through written comments so that’s where the comments are from that I am reading on the audio

Spoiler: if you have not seen the film Joker, there are discussions on what has happened in the film

Warning: if you’re not prone to hearing cursing, this is not for you to listen to or the following episodes, may contain dark content deemed for some

Movie in Discussion: Joker 2019 // Director: Todd Phillips

Song List on Audio: Christina Aguilera - Fighter

Pic Cred: Zachary Kadolph

Voice: Yasmin/e De Kong

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